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We live on a slave planet, and it’s kinda all our fault. In this video, I’m going to tackle the topic of slavery, which is probably the most difficult and confronting subject I’ve covered so far.

It seems as if we have a slavery problem in our world. And in particular, so does companies like Apple and others, who could possibly be knowingly profiting from this terrible issue – at least, that’s what it appears as if is happening, in my humble opinion. And considering it’s estimated there are more people living in slavery today than ever before in history, it’s a bigger problem than you might imagine.

Most of this is being driven by money, finances, and economic power. In short, the desire for some of the world’s largest companies to make more money, keep their shareholders happy, and give us the products we want.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below this one.

0:00 – We live on a slave planet
1:19 – Slavery: a modern problem
4:18 – Apple: a supporter of slavery?
9:18 – The conclusion: we’re a little to blame
12:10 – Some final thoughts

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