At the recent annual parade to mark Russia’s wartime victory over Nazi Germany, Vladimir Putin looked like a man pushed close to the limit of his forces. And indeed, he faces serious setbacks. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which he ordered, has lost nearly all of its momentum, with the Ukrainian side putting up tough resistance. A Russian victory, like the one in World War Two, appears far from likely. So, we ask: Parade without victory: is Putin leading Russia towards disaster?
Our guests: Angelina Davydova (Russian Journalist), Tyson Barker (German Council on Foreign Relations), Roman Goncharenko (DW)

00:00 Introduction
02:55 Putin’s current policy is leading Russia into decline
04:30 Can Putin be forced to abandon his military objectives?
06:43 Exaggerated expectations in the West before the parade
11:19 Russia a country where people fear the truth?
14:40 Putin styles himself a student of history
16:05 The role of President Zelensky in the war
19:35 The worst is yet to come?
20:28 Is the US aiming to push Russia off the world stage?
23:20 Before the war small changes took place in Russia


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