“​​If you feel you are in danger of losing your life, shoot.”

As President of the Philippines, Duterte backed his law enforcement agencies to go hard against drug dealers and users across the country.

In the second episode of #GoodbyeDuterte, witness the brutal war that took thousands of lives and triggered an international investigation.

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Rodrigo Duterte gained worldwide notoriety for his brutal crackdown on drugs and dissent in the Philippines. But long before he was elected, he had already earned himself the nickname, ‘The Punisher’.

A political outsider, Duterte took the public by storm when he stepped into national politics in 2016. Throughout his time in power, his approval ratings remained sky high.

But for his critics, his term in office is marred by his government’s record on human rights.

As Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency comes to an end, 101 East’s special four-part digital documentary series traces his rise to power and how he shaped a nation.

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