Eva Hart and her mother boarded the rescue ship Carpathia along with other survivors. They were taken to New York and then traveled back to England. Benjamin Hart didn’t survive the Titanic’s sinking, and his body was never recovered. Eva experienced nightmares even years after the tragedy. She couldn’t forget the screams that she heard that night and the silence that followed when the Titanic disappeared into the frigid waters, per Encyclopedia Titanica. Esther Hart died when Eva was 23 years old, and it was after that that she decided to face her fears and travel by sea once again and went to Australia and Singapore.

In her later years, Eva became one of the most outspoken survivors of the Titanic tragedy. In 1985, the Titanic’s wreckage had just been discovered, and scientists and researchers said that they wouldn’t attempt to raise it from its location. According to The Washington Post, Eva spoke about the discovery and opined that the wreck should be left alone. “I would prefer my father’s grave to remain undisturbed,” she stated in an interview. In 1987, salvage efforts began, and once again, Eva noted that the gravesite should be respected and be made into a memorial.