There are some 300,000 people trapped inside Mariupol. The increase in US military aid comes as Russian bombardments on Ukrainian cities are intensifying. Will today’s ruling by top UN court change anything on the ground in Ukraine? DW asks Iryna Venediktova, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General.

The Australian defence minister says the Kremlin had long sought to weaponise the internet as a means of conducting asymmetric warfare in the post-Soviet era and it would be in the cyber realm that Putin were most likely to strike. He’s sounding the alarm over Russia’s weapons of war in cyberspace.
From Berlin to London to Washington there has never been more concern over a possible cyber attack on orders from Moscow. But what about cyber attacks launched against Russia

00:00 UN court orders Russia to suspend fighting
04:16 Russia’s weapons in cyberspace
04:53 ‘Ethical hacking’ – Cyber attacks against Russia


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