In which I chat with not one, but two climate scientists about the IPCC’s latest Working Group II report, and how to deal with the psychological toll this fuckery has on all of us who are paying attention. Feat. NASA scientist Peter Kalmus and atmospheric scientist, Ella Gilbert.

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🔹 IPCC 6th Assessment Report:
🔹 IPCC Working Group II Report (2022):
🔹 Australian Psychology Society guide for “Coping with Climate Change Distress”:
🔹 Peter Kalmus’s book: Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution

00:00 Giordano Intro
1:52 Peter Kalmus welcome
2:52 Response to ‘Don’t Look Up’
3:48 We need 1B climate activists
9:44 ‘Emergency Mode’
14:24 ‘Being the Change’
16:58 The latest IPCC report
21:05 Vision for the future
24:20 Climate anxiety
28:33 Thank you, Peter
30:07 Ella Gilbert welcome
31:01 Climate scientists on YouTube
35:16 IPCC 6th Asessment Report
40:06 Working Group 2 Report
42:35 Australian floods
45:43 Climate anxiety
49:12 Thank you, Ella
49:50 Giordano Conclusion

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👉 Editor and Producer: Ellen Burbidge

🎹 Music by Tom Day

📜 Captions transcribed by Jesse Dowse

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