In a Season 19 episode, the pickers were introduced to a man named Phil who purchased land in Chesterfield, Massachusetts. There was an interesting find on the property — an old van that had the word “Aerosmith” painted on one of its sides. The van turned out to be a 1964 International Harvester Metro, and on a hunch, Phil wanted to see whether it was once owned by the band Aerosmith or was just an ode by one of their fans, per History. With some digging, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz were able to confirm that the van, indeed, was owned and used by Aerosmith in their early days.

The pickers were able to contact Ray Tabano – a founding member of Aerosmith. Tabano played guitar for the band from 1970 to 1971 until he was replaced by Brad Whitford. Tabano saw the van in person and said, “I’m afraid to say how long it is, but it’s like 40 years since we’ve been in this thing.” He stated that the van served as a “rolling hotel” of sorts when the band was just starting out. In the end, Phil still decided to let go of the van and the pickers paid $25,000 for it. “We just got a piece of American rock ‘n’ roll history,” Wolfe exclaimed. He had it restored, and in a later season of “American Pickers,” Aerosmith was featured checking out their old van, according to Distractify. The band eventually bought back the van, but its whereabouts are unknown today.