It’s Christmas Day 2021 and the house is quiet. Fuzzy slippers on, regular morning coffee in hand, quiet Christmas music echoes outside in the distance. Softly anticipating my evening plans of visiting Rockefeller Center to have a magical Christmas evening, I find myself at a crossroads; so much appreciation and gratitude for the blessings in my life intersected with so many thoughts of new healthy habits I am eager to implement for myself and my business. As I think about the direction of my business for the new year, and all the momentum that the last quarter of 2021 created, I can’t help but think about who I will become over the next year. It begs the question, HOW am I going to become the version of myself that I see in Christmas 2022.

1. Become more content with the Haves and less concerned with the Have Nots

As a business person, the constant desire for more can be a tricky thing; A continual driving force that propels a business forward to more, but an equal blinder to all the things that you have, that have been accomplished, or that have worked out. Whether it be time with a loved one, material things, or manifestations for your business, this year spend more time focusing on the pieces that unfold exactly how you wanted, whether in life or in business, and choose to give the energy you would have used being upset or disappointed to the appreciation of what you do have.

2. Be more flexible with things out of your control

I’m a big fan of a plan and organization, a great quality as an entrepreneur and business person. However, I notice that when things DON’T go according to plan, it throws me for a loop and is often hard and time consuming to get back on track. Truthfully, getting upset when things don’t go the way we plan because of something out of our control is the ultimate loss of control. Remember, when there is nothing else you can control, you can ALWAYS control your energy. Is it unrealistic to never be disappointed again, or get frustrated when things don’t go according to plan? Definitely. But is it possible to do a quicker and better job of harnessing our energy when something does go awry? For sure. More go with the flow and flexibility in 2022 will make for better, more logical and clear minded decisions. Ask yourself? WHAT can I control right now? And if at that moment the only answer is your energy, take a breath and use your energy to be flexible and solution oriented.

“Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do).” -Stephen R. Covey

3. Choose Daily Realistic Healthy Habits

This is a big one for me in 2022. As someone who is slightly addicted to instant gratification, I tend to forgot how much small but consistent healthy habits add up! A farmer tends to their garden daily with understanding that that’s what it takes for the crop to grow healthy by the harvest season. Whether it be waking up earlier, going to the gym 4 days a week, drinking a gallon of water a day, or sticking to the daily tasks set in business, be more “farmer” minded about the benefits of doing healthy habits consistently and not for the instant gratification of them, but with the knowing that they are preparing yourself and your business for the harvest.

4. Be Easy

As goal oriented, self motivated individuals, we can become so laser focused on what we are trying to achieve we can lose sight of the power in relaxing; I don’t necessarily mean the spa (though that in and of itself has its own power) but more so the relaxing in trusting that everything will work out the way it is suppose to. The more we cling to what we want, the more resistance we create towards that very thing. This year, be easy about everything! Things out of your control, the have nots and everything in between.

5. Be More Selfish and Less Selfish

Wait, What? Hear me out, putting yourself first is one of the best things you can do for both yourself and your business, but sometimes we mismanage the art of putting ourselves first and misunderstand when and how to be selfish. This new year be more selfish in who and what you give your time and energy too, more selfish in terms of less compromising and more selfish in understanding that prioritizing things that you need to do in order to take care of your self and your business are of the utmost importance. But also be mindful to be less selfish in always having things your way, and less selfish and more practical in what you ask of your team. In short, If it is to the detriment of yourself and others do less of it, and if it is something that is necessary for growth, productivity, and the health of yourself and your business do more of it.

Tis the season to be thinking about Next Christmas. Who will you be, and how will you get there; Your business will grow the same way you will. Just like days go by and somehow it’s a new year, choose these or other habits to implement regularly whether daily or moment by moment to have the most successful year in 2022.