In his early career, Brock Lesnar’s workouts were tough and uncomplicated. As he explained, “I’ve always trained in holes-in-the-wall gyms and that’s how I like it, it wasn’t easy for me to get to town, so I just had to use my imagination.” Instead of expensive equipment, Lesnar would use a 180 lb. log to mimic another wrestler. Other old-school exercises included heavy bag work, chair push-ups, and a routine called “the drill,” which developed his core and made him stronger on the map. He would recuperate with ice baths.

During the height of Lesnar’s UFC career, Muscle & Strength broke down the fighter’s new workout plan. Before his extensive weight regimen, Lesnar would practice wrestling for 10 minutes, striking for 25 minutes, and then five rounds of circuit training, which included everything from spiderman pushups, wide grip pull-ups, and sledgehammer strikes. 

After that, Lesnar would move to the weight room. His lifting plan was spread across four days and muscle groups — chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulders, and legs.