There’s no denying that the election of mogul and reality TV personality Donald Trump to what’s arguably the most powerful political position in the world opened up a whole new set of possibilities for the American government … along with a bit of cynicism, because when The San Diego Union-Tribune announced that a rapper-porn star team had thrown their hats in the ring for 2020, nothing was really going to surprise a world-weary nation at that point.

The rapper was Coolio — of the “Gangsta’s Paradise” fame, and the porn star was Cherie DeVille — of “Hot Tub Hottie” fame. Surprisingly — and, at the same time, not surprisingly — the duo leaned heavily on her credentials, which included “an impressive educational background,” and being “a woman who has never let anything stop her, thriving in a male dominated industry to reach the very top.”

After repeatedly reassuring literally everyone who asked that yes, they were really, truly, honestly serious about running for president, The Hill reports that they backed out. DeVille claimed there were a few things that had stymied their plans including a lack of funds, the number of threats she’d received, and the damaging impact of the headlines captured by another famous porn star, Stormy Daniels. DeVille explained, “I wonder if that hurt the legitimacy of my campaign, as if, ‘Oh, there’s another porn girl trying to get in the political sphere.'”