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Can you achieve financial freedom by living in a van? Well yes. And in today’s video, I’m going to share someone with you who has done exactly that.

Today I’d love you to meet Max and his dog Occy. They live in an incredible van in Australia, and have achieved financial freedom, and escaped the “traditional” way of living. And considering I’m renting Max’s van off him for the next month and a half while I spend a little time in Australia, I really wanted to share his story, and how he achieved financial freedom in a less-than-normal way.


Yes, Max’s van is big and expensive. But you definitely don’t need to go that big. I know several people who have done this with much tinier budgets, so don’t let that scare you off if you’re wanting to try out van life.

Really looking forward to hearing what you think about this one!

0:00 – Defining my ultimate freedom
1:01 – Introducing Max & Occy
2:09 – Showing off Max’s van
3:08 – The mindset of alternative lifestyles
5:37 – The cost of living van life
7:01 – How to make money living on the road
8:30 – Skillshare sponsorship
9:45 – Why living in a van provides freedom
12:53 – Max’s final thoughts
14:34 – My turn to test van life

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