Calling it “Hearst Castle” is a bit of a misnomer. Sure, there’s the large and highly decorated central residence that’s often referred to as “La Casa Grande,” but this behemoth of a building is far from the only structure that demands your attention at Hearst Castle. It is hard to ignore, of course, given its ornate Mediterranean Revival style packed with sculptures, architectural elements like a marble balcony, and multiple bell towers, per Britannica.

Additionally, there are also three guest houses on the grounds. As “Julia Morgan: Architect of Beauty” reports, these were originally given the admittedly uninspired names of “A”, “B”, and “C.” That didn’t last long, however, and the guest houses (which match the main house in decorative style if not sheer floor space) were more poetically renamed Casa del Mar (House of the Sea), Casa del Monte (House of the Mountain), and Casa del Sol (House of the Sun).

According to Britannica, Casa del Mar has a total of 5,350 square feet of space, while Casa del Monte is the smallest at 2,550 square feet and has a mere four bedrooms (compared to the 38 bedrooms and 115 rooms total of La Casa Grande). Oh, and if it weren’t enough to have a guest house that dwarfs many other family homes, the estate also had a zoo, two elaborate pools, and acres upon acres of gardens and grounds.