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Is it possible to “sleep and grow rich”? Well, yes. Because I do it myself.

This video is all about making money while you sleep, or creating sources of income that work for you while you’re asleep. Yes, every business requires some input, but the best businesses are those that keep working for you, even when you’re not working on them.

I’m being quite broad here in this video, mostly to inspire you to be able to take action on these points no matter what industry you’re in. But of course, if you’d like any more detailed info, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

0:00 – The “Holy Grail” of making money
1:09 – Many ways to make money while you sleep
1:43 – Making money with digital products
2:35 – My 3-step process
3:15 – Why isn’t everyone doing this?
6:09 – Making money through investment
7:06 – Holding cash assets
9:11 – How I make money through real estate
10:20 – A few final ways I make money
11:45 – Some final thoughts

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