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If you suck at saving, this video might help. Saving money has absolutely never been an issue for me, though I was programmed at a young age to take finances very seriously. But what if you didn’t have the same?

In this video, I want to address the things that I’ve done to get better at saving money, and how I’ve managed to keep my eye on the prize after all these years. And also, a few psychological insights into why most of us are so bad at saving.

Below this video, I’d like you all to share your own money saving tips with the community, if you have any. Together, we can all share much more info than I can on my own.

I hope you enjoy this one.

0:00 – Going on an adventure
1:36 – The actual start of this video
2:36 – Our primary motivators
4:21 – We prioritise the pleasure of spending
4:59 – Why we’re terrible at delayed gratification
5:54 – This is what’s worked for me
9:01 – Let me know what’s worked for you
9:40 – A short intermission
10:29 – Having a physical representation of your savings
11:55 – Turning saving into a habit
12:58 – Tell yourself better stories
15:47 – “Things” will never make you happy
16:58 – Find your financial balance

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