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This is how to heal your relationship with money. This could be, maybe, one of the most important videos I’ve posted to this channel to date. And yes, I’m definitely going to get into some spirituality here, but trust me when I say it’s important.

Most of us (or should I say all of us) have some kind of stress or negative programming around money. Whether it’s negative emotions we picked up as a child, or the lack we experience in our daily lives, not many of us have gone through life without picking up something negative around money. But with that said, how do you release or heal those emotions?

As a start, with this video. In it, I’ve put some of my favourite practices or exercises when it comes to healing trauma around money, and living a life with less (or no) negative attachment to it.

0:00 – What is your relationship with money?
0:48 – Start talking about money
1:44 – Realise that money itself is meaningless
3:43 – Give money away
5:49 – Start being mindful with your money
6:57 – Start a gratitude journal
8:32 – Surround yourself with beauty
9:35 – A few final thoughts…

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