One of the unfortunate victims of this human-caused extinction event was the atlas bear. According to Bear Conservation, the atlas bear was thusly named due to its habitat among the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, which span from modern-day Morocco to Libya. As bears tend to do, it liked the forested areas of the mountains, and was the only bear subspecies to have survived in Africa well into the historic era.

But by that time, the bear faced a new threat: sport hunters from the Roman Empire, which arrived in North Africa around 146 BC. As the empire thrived and grew, wealthy Romans took up hunting the atlas bear for sport, killing thousands of specimens over the centuries. According to Ecology and Society, overexploitation of renewable resources has been signaled as a factor for the empire’s collapse. It is believed that modern man finished the atlas bear off sometime in the 1870s. The bear was unfortunately one of many species to meet this terrible fate at our hand. Hopefully we don’t become victims of our own bad behavior and go extinct ourselves in the near future.