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My triple (or “Trinity”) strategy for investing. It may be slow, it may be boring, but in this video I’m going to cover off my three-way, triple, trifecta or Trinity investment strategy, covering the main three things I invest in time and time again.

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There are of course, other things apart from the three main investment vehicles I’m going to talk about in this video that I have put my money into. Things like precious metals like gold and silver. However, these are more things that I use to preserve my wealth, not that I’m relying on making me income. So I’m not including them in this video.

So, let me share with you some insights into property investing, business investing, and crypto investing, all of which I love, and believe in.

I hope you enjoy.

0:00 – Meet “Trinity”
1:40 – Intermission
2:45 – Slow, steady, safe, and ethics
4:18 – My three-way investment strategy
4:39 – 1. Property
7:50 – 2. Business
9:11 – 3. Cryptocurrency
10:37 – My favourite investment
12:20 – The end

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