The rich teach their children different lessons about money, that many of us didn’t learn as children. In this video, I’m going to address some of the different mental programming rich children get in their upbringing, that most other families don’t pass on.

Yes, I get it. Some rich kids aren’t great with money. Some are spoiled trust fund kids that have never learned the value of money, or how to use it. And some never do. But there are positive things that many wealthy people pass down to their children, that poorer parents definitely don’t.

There’s also a very important insight in this video as to how our financial comfort zone can stop us from advancing in life, and doing something that will truly benefit us in terms of giving us true freedom.

0:00 – Introduction
1:03 – Being born into wealth isn’t everything
1:58 – Redefining risk
6:50 – Networking is everything
9:30 – Increase value, not work hours
11:47 – It’s okay to be rich
13:21 – How to manage money
14:23 – Outro

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