How you are programmed to be poor. A lot of people don’t realise, but for most of us, society is built to keep us poor. And a lot of this is subconscious, that we don’t realise is even happening to us.

Whether it’s our schooling system build during the industrial revolution, the way media programs us to be poor, or the phenomenal success of large companies who are able to subconsciously program you to spend until you’ve got nothing left, the odds are definitely stacked against us all.

Now I’m not saying that becoming successful or financially abundant is all about mindset. It’s not. Yes, you need a great mindset of abundance as a building block for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve in life. But that needs to be combined with a plan, knowledge, and action as well.


0:00 – Introduction
0:49 – Why mindset isn’t everything
2:21 – We’re programmed at school to be workers
6:19 – Negative belief programming around money
8:30 – How media programs you to be poor
10:16 – We are poor by design
13:46 – What can you do?
17:49 – Give yourself a 12 month challenge
20:02 – Outro

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