Since his retirement from parliament in 2012, Bob Brown has remained an activist on environmental causes – from campaigning against the Adani coal mine to fighting the threat to Tasmania’s Tarkine forest.

Brown was leader when after the 2010 election the Greens helped Julia Gillard retain government by entering an agreement with her. A key part of that deal was the requirement that a price on carbon be introduced.

These days Brown labels Labor “Liberal-lite” – condemning what he sees at its timid stance on climate policy as a lost opportunity to catch up with “public sentiment”.

“No doubt there are people with Labor, a younger set of people who can see this, but the old guard, and that includes Anthony Albanese, don’t see it…”

“Labor is on the edge, trying to make itself look a little bit greener that Morrison[…]but that really doesn’t cut the mustard”.

On Friday, the UNESCO World Heritage committee will vote on whether the Great Barrier Reef should be declared “in danger” – trying to head that off, Australian government has proposed an amendment that the decision be delayed until 2023. Brown believes the listing should have been made “years ago” because the reef is “not only in danger, it’s dying”.

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