Meet women across South Asia who are breaking stereotypes and voicing their opinions loud and clear. Get ready for HER – great stories about stepping up, health, depression, dating, beauty and marriage filled with twists, turns and feeling.

01:19 – Out of the Void
Mental health and addiction problems are not talked about in many Asian countries. That can make it especially hard to overcome the crisis and the pain. For this episode of HER, three women take a look back at very difficult periods in their lives and share how they found their way out of the void that surrounded them.

17:10 – Stepping Up
Many women across Asia still lack access to basic education, and even educated women often face significant obstacles at work and in their daily lives. How can women secure their income? How can they succeed in male dominated professions? Are careers compatible with family life? Three women tell us their stories.

DW presents: HER
In recent years important steps have been taken to strengthen women’s position in South and South East Asian societies dependent on the extent of their economic development.

Reforms of basic rights and legal systems, demographic changes and more dynamic civil societies have made this transformation possible. Despite all progress enormous challenges in various parts of Asia still lie ahead especially concerning gender equality.

With this in mind the focus of our multimedia approach is on the lives of women from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. We show their experiences with stepping up, health, depression, dating, marriage and beauty.

Each episode focuses on one topic featuring three women from different countries and different backgrounds. The topics are universal and controversial.

Finding Mr. Right and the meaning of marriage / HER (1/3):
Beauty, body and mind / HER (2/3):
Women, mental health and equality – the challenges being faced / HER (3/3):

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