kazakhstan designer danik uderbekov introduces ‘uderbekov chair’ created from local recyclable materials and produced with zero CO2 emissions. the design of the chair is based on triangles and is made of wooden sticks, knots, and biodegradable PLA plastic nodes printed on a 3D printer. furthermore, the frame of the chair can be assembled within 2 hours, while carpentry machines and glue are not needed.danik uderbekov builds his own armchair with local recyclable materialsall images courtesy of danik uderbekov

the chair is designed and constructed by danik uderbekov as a response to the pandemic and lockdown when the usual logistics chains were disrupted due to border closures. at the same time, the designer sought to create a piece of furniture that is more sustainable and affordable allowing more people to experience it. ‘I am sure that it is necessary to gradually abandon the production of furniture on an industrial scale, to abandon polluting industries. the time of many millions of copies of furniture and decor must end.’ says the designer. ‘use only local materials within 20km of construction shops and 3D printing studios’.danik uderbekov builds his own armchair with local recyclable materials

apart from wood and nodes, ‘uderbekov chair’ features a soft textile lining made of cotton and linen, covered from used foam rubber. all materials can be purchased at any local store, while node printing can also be ordered from any local 3d printing studio. the chair can be customized to suit the taste of the owner in color and materials.danik uderbekov builds his own armchair with local recyclable materials

the sticks are made from gardening tools, widely available in the same diameter. this kind of stick is available in any part of the planet, made from pine, bamboo, beech, or other local wood. meanwhile, to assemble the frame of the chair is required only a screwdriver and a saw. users can disassemble it and transport it easily to another country or city and then assemble it exactly in the same shape.danik uderbekov builds his own armchair with local recyclable materialsuderbekov armchair 3uderbekov armchair 4

uderbekov armchair 8
uderbekov armchair 6

project info:

name: uderbekov armchair

designer: daniyar

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