Learn how to create both a Python sockets and a Python nmap port scanner. These are the beginning of a journey into Python Ethical hacking.

Scripts using regex:
Socket method:
nmap method: https://github.com/davidbombal/red-python-scripts/blob/main/nmap_port_scanner.py

Scripts using IP address:
Socket method: https://github.com/davidbombal/red-python-scripts/blob/main/port_scanner_ip_obj.py
nmap method: https://github.com/davidbombal/red-python-scripts/blob/main/nmap_port_scanner_ip_obj.py

Python port scanner nmap and sockets: 0:00
This is a journey: 0:20
Sockets on Windows: 1:09
Download and install Python: 1:40
Run python socket port scanner: 2:40
Test against a web server: 4:07
Timeout to check connection: 5:00
Kali Linux example: 5:25
Test sockets Python script on Kali Linux: 6:06
Catching mistakes: 6:42
Sockets Python Code: 7:08
nmap script on Kali: 7:38
Troubleshooting nmap issues: 8:18
Python nmap port scanner: 9:22
Comparison of the scripts: 10:04
Sockets script explanation: 10:50
nmap Python script explanation: 13:25

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