What’s the best hacking cert? Where do you start?
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I really pushed Daniel in this video – he did a great job answering all my difficult questions.

Intro: what is the best hacking certificate: 0:00
Who is Daniel? 0:46
Hard question: Which is the best entry level cert? 2:02
ITProTV interactive format: 4:00
Hard question: Why is this the best cert? 5:00
What about CEH? 6:14
Best exam? 7:45
Is CEH worth it? 8:20
CEH v11 – is it better? 9:22
CEH Practical Exam: 10:43
Fighting about certs: 12:35
When is CEH good? 12:49
CEH vs eJPT: 15:10
Red Team vs Blue Team: 17:00
Just want to have a good time? 20:00
Certs vs tryhackme or hackthebox: 21:00
Security+ vs Pentest+ vs OSCP: 26:10
Here is the cert path: 28:15
Security+ vs Pentest+ 29:25
The best Ethical certs: 29:59
Exam issues: 32:50
The best cert to start with: 34:00
The perfect path: 35:27
Where is the real value: 36:20
Death by powerpoint: 38:55

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