Apologies for the audio on this video. Neal had a technical issue with his audio, so we had to use a backup.

Am I too old to get into cybersecurity? 0:00
There are 3.5 million jobs: 1:17
Resume review: 2:36
There is a wide range of jobs: 3:41
Examples of jobs in Cybersecurity: 5:30
Change your perspective: 8:48
Take your other skills to your future learning: 10:20
When are you too old? 11:32
Give me the path: 12:45
It’s a journey and paths: 16:07
Baseline skills: 19:38
Four domains: 20:44
Mr Robot vs Real World: 24:07
I don’t feel worthy: 27:55
I’m too young. I’m too old. 35:58
I walked in the snow barefoot: 37:55
How to keep balance: 40:15
Let me Google that for you: 43:28
Put in the work: 44:49
Take responsibility: 49:00
Neal helps someone who DM’d him: 50:04
Neal’s shirt: 51:57
Haters: 52:57

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