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This is night city, the futuristic metropolis which is home to most of the action taking place in cyberpunk 2077, which has quickly become the most popular PC benchmarking software in 2020.

There are a few reasons I wanted to explore the economy of this fictional world, for starters I gotta cash in on a subject that’s at the top of Google Trends, It’s been a while since I have done a virtual economy, I need a way to class my new gaming PC as a business expense and of course it actually genuinely very interesting.

Part of the appeal of this game was the way it wove an alternative reality in with themes and events that are taking place in our modern world to build an economy that both feels abstract but also entirely possible.

That virtual economy then builds the framework of an immersive world that is equally realistic and fanciful.

The world of cyberpunk 2077 is a cautionary dystopian tale that takes modern economic issues, like wealth inequality, corporate influence, white-collar corruption, militarisation, black market dealings and environmental degradation, and then turns those headlines up to to a whole new level to let people experience making their way through a world where these problems go unchecked.

It also goes without saying that this game has made headlines for a host of technical issues that have perhaps continued the theme of shining a light on economic problems in the real world.

So the economics of cyberpunk 2077 is a great case study for lots of weird and wonderful economic happenings.

How did the economy of this virtual world get to where it is in the year 2077.

What are the key components of Night City’s economy?

And a bit of a tangent

What business decisions led to the chaos surrounding the game’s launch.

Oh and cyberpunk 2077 technically takes part in an independent city-state so you know what the hey, may as well throw it on the economics explained national leaderboard.

Oh but first A little disclaimer, this video will not have any spoilers relevant to the plot, so don’t worry for all of you that haven’t been able to play the game yet (which is basically everybody).

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