Donald Trump’s relationship with Fox News ― once the cable network so dear to his heart ― continued to deteriorate on Wednesday, as the president railed against what he termed its “endless negative and unedited commercials.”

Although it’s unknown exactly which ads so annoyed him, it’s become crystal clear he doesn’t appreciate the willingness of at least some of the network’s journalists and commentators to recognise that Joe Biden defeated him in November’s election.

Trump and his minions became especially irritated with Fox News on election night when its prognosticators called Biden the winner of Arizona ― a projection other outlets hesitated to make for several days but that ultimately proved correct.

The president gave further vent to his anger with his Wednesday tweet that, per usual, was over the top (Fox News is nowhere near dead).

Regardless of the merits of his post, many Twitter users thought the president ― even with his days in office nearing an end ― might have other priorities than the ratings of a cable network or the content of its commercials.

Some pointed out the irony of a lame duck president declaring something is past its prime.

Many people were confused by Trump’s rant against the network’s ads.

But one man needed only three words to deftly sum up the gist of Trump’s tweet.