Junior MasterChef Australia: Phenix And Salvo Leave In Double Elimination Episode

‘Junior MasterChef Australia’ farewelled another two contestants on Tuesday night during its second elimination episode.

Phenix and Salvo bid goodbye to the cooking show after an initial doughnut challenge followed by another round that involved cooking their dream dish.

For Phenix it was an easy choice to make a coffee cake with a walnut and pistachio crumble as her dream is to own her own bakery one day. 

“When I grow up… I want to be a businesswoman like my mum and I want to be a chef and baker like my dad,” the 11-year-old recently told HuffPost Australia.

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‘Junior MasterChef Australia’ contestant Phenix

Phenix has grown up surrounded by food, and remembers cooking from a very young age.

“The first time I started cooking, I was five years old and my dad would help me cook in the kitchen, or more I would help him and we would bake together,” she said. 

“My dad was a very big help for this MasterChef journey because he was very supportive and he definitely gave me a lot of tips and he taught me a lot of technical skills.” 

While she loves making “comfort food that includes chips and chicken wings”, she also enjoys exploring her cultural heritage through cooking.

“My grandparents from my mum’s side were definitely a big help as well,” she said, “because they taught me a lot of traditional Vietnamese dishes”.

Channel 10

‘Junior MasterChef Australia’ contestant Salvo

Phenix and Salvo were two of 14 contestants aged 9-14 selected for the show this year.

The show farewelled three budding cooks, Ryan, Porsha and Etka last week in its first triple elimination. 

The remaining contestants include Ben, Carter, Dev, Filo, Georgia, Laura, Ruby, Tiffany and Vienna.

‘Junior MasterChef Australia’ airs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm on Channel 10. 

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