How to Master the Mugello F1 Track | Nico Rosberg

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My next F1 Fridays episode! I was really looking forward to the Mugello F1 track – I’m testing it together with you. The speed in Mugello is phenomenal – we can look forward to an interesting 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix in Italy. Check out my in-depth analysis of the Tuscan GP Track – of course also showing how to master the top speed corners in Mugello! This time I started with a warm up lap, followed by a hot lap and closing the track action in Mugello before sharing my analysis with you. Of course closing the video by answering your F1 questions!

Content Guide:
0:00 How to Master the Mugello F1 Track!
1:28 Top Comment Surprise!
1:58 Mugello Warm Up
3:15 Mugello F1 Track Hotlap!
4:44 In-depth Track Analysis!
10:21 Fan Q&A: Tuscan Grand Prix!
14:23 What’s coming next!

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