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Hitting brick walls or waking up to the realities of being in a slump aren’t new to the era of Covid and the year 2020. Yet, personally, the walls seem higher and the slump deeper. I don’t know about you but I slammed into one of those days where it was a time of reckoning. I couldn’t shake off the fog in my brain, outrun the antsy feeling in my body, or mindfully practice my way out. What was a girl to do?

I have big dreams. I have tangible things I want to achieve. I’ve known hurdles before, as have you. What do you do when the hurdles seem taller? You get to leap higher

Here’s the quickest hack to break you out of that slump right how

Take out a pen and paper and write your bio for 3 months from now. That’s right! Maybe 2020 has kicked you all around but it’s time to turn the tables. Perhaps, the bio you write isn’t 3 months but for 5 months. 2021 is coming! What life has taught me is that regardless of where we are here and now, another day is going to come. I will be prepared for it! 

On that day when I kept smashing into brick walls, hitting dead ends, and being lost in the foggiest brain, I sat down and wrote my bio for 3 months from now. I then extended it to the end of the year. 

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol

What I did next

I then broke that bio down sentence by sentence. Also, I set myself daily, hourly, weekly, and monthly goals. I positioned myself down the track, set my focus on the blasted high hurdle, and began pumping my arms as my legs carried me forward. The truth is I don’t know what 3 or 5 months from now will bring but what I do know is that every day I will be in training.

The above bio and its breakdown are my workout plan. 

What would you like to accomplish from now till the end of the year? Share it with us below!