Australian police have arrested a man who allegedly had a severed penis and testicles in his freezer, following reports that he’d partially castrated another man in a separate, fetish-related incident.

In a statement to Vice News, Queensland Police confirmed that they had charged a 27-year-old man with “acts intended to maim”, based on allegations that he performed “consensual surgery” on a 26-year-old at a backpacker’s hostel in Brisbane on Saturday afternoon.

It’s understood that the culprit used a Cryopen—that is, a medical device for removing warts and other lesions with high-pressure nitrous oxide—to remove a single testicle of the younger man, from Sydney, who had willingly arranged to undergo the surgery after the two of them met online.

The culprit has no formal medical qualifications, and is believed to have taught himself how to castrate people by looking it up on the Internet. Police told Vice News that the Sydney man suffered complications as a result, and was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital for surgery. He is now in a stable condition.

While conducting a subsequent search of the culprit’s home, officers seized a number of medical tools and—according to NZ Herald—discovered a penis and a set of testicles in his freezer. It’s currently unknown who they belonged to.

The accused appeared before Brisbane Magistrates Court via video link on Monday, where his defence lawyer claimed he had been bullied as a student at a private boys’ school, and had Klinefelter syndrome: a genetic condition that occurs when a boy is born with an extra X chromosome, which may affect genital growth and result in “smaller than normal” testicles.

Detectives are now investigating the existence of an underground fetish scene in Brisbane, according to the Herald, in which men allegedly volunteer to have parts of their genitals removed. People in these scenes often refer to themselves as “nullos”, and experience an extreme body modification paraphilia in which they want to have their genitals “nullified”.

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