Late night TV today is often contrived and flashy. But it once embraced difficult political and cultural subject matter. Between 1968 and 1986, The Dick Cavett Show became a stage on which America grappled with its own identity surrounding race, Vietnam and Watergate. From Jane Fonda to James Baldwin, the guest list was unpredictable, and the conversations pointed.

#DickCavett #LateNight #TalkShow

Host & Senior Producer: Sana Saeed
PRODUCERS: Maral Satari, Nicholas Garbaty, Kathryn Wheeler
EDITOR: Ben Angeloni
CAMERA: Nicholas Garbaty, Kathryn Wheeler, Ben Angeloni, Maral Satari
ANIMATOR: Bereket Essayas
Branding: Momin Bannani, Safa’ Salameh, Mohamad Kakhei
Special thanks: Mitchell Stephens, Bethy Squires

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