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None of us wants to be the person who delivers boring presentations. In this video I’ll share with you a simple technique to give your PowerPoint presentation a perfect flow to keep your audience engaged.

01:48 Use Roadmaps instead of a table of contents in your PowerPoint presentations
Use Infographics to indicate the progress that was made in the presentation. This way the audience knows where the end is and which remaining topics they can expect to learn from you.

06:17 Put Essential text only on slide and use a supporting Infographic or Roadmap
It’s practical for you as the presenter to have everything you want to say on a slide. But the audience can’t read the text on a crowded slide and listen to you at the same time. This will draw their attention away from you, the presenter.

07:28 Take advantage of the Reuse Slides Feature in PowerPoint
Avoid copying and pasting slides if you want to use slides from an existing presentation. Instead apply Reuse Slides from the Home tab in PowerPoint. It’s faster and safer!

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Time Stamps
00:00 What Makes a PowerPoint Presentation Boring?
01:48 Use Roadmaps in PowerPoint Instead of a Table of Contents
06:17 Only Put Essential Text and Use Supporting Infographics in Your Slide
07:28 Take advantage of the PowerPoint Reuse Slides Feature

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