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Tony Robbins repeatedly uses the n-word in this resurfaced footage obtained by BuzzFeed News (warning: distressing). You can find BuzzFeed News’ report here: https://go.nowth.is/30I4aB9
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Self-help guru Tony Robbins is in hot water after BuzzFeed News surfaced this clip seen in the above NowThis News video where in Tony Robbins uses N-word. This Tony Robbins N word video features Robbins saying the n word, a racial slur, several time. This Tony Robbins N-word release is the latest in Tony Robbins BuzzFeed stories. Tony Robbins motivation and Tony Robbins confidence are what he helped to give people at the height of his career.

Robbins: ‘It’s as long somebody can do that – as long as somebody’s calling you ‘n*****’ and get that kind of response that I see right now where you’re ready to explode, then what you’ve done is given that person absolute control of you. You’ll have no control of your life – you are still a slave.’

Robbins suggested that the footage is from an event in the 1980s and that he was working with an African-American group. Robbins goes on to use the term five times in 7 seconds.

Robbins: And I said I’d like to have you be free because I’m free and I’m white so why don’t we pretend that we’re gonna get you free right now and I suggest here’s a way to do it. Everyone stand up. And only a few people – I said stand up! Come on, try something with me. Just trust me. Pretend for a moment that I’m Black. I said now you guys just do what I do just for a minute if you want to be free and if you want to have some fun. So let’s try this. And I stood up and I said, Ok follow me, do what I say, say what I say, move how I say, move the way I move: I’m a n*****, you’re a n*****, be a n***** to, be a n*****. Oooh, be a n***** [laughter].’

Robbins goes on to repeat it again along with another racist term. The footage was obtained by BuzzFeed News. Tony Robbins has achieved worldwide fame through his self-help work. His website says he has helped ‘tens of millions’ of people.

Buzzfeed News recently published two investigative reports on the self-help guru detailing allegations from followers and former staff. They range from verbal abuse toward sexual violence survivors to sexual misconduct against staffers and fans of Robbins. Nine women told Buzzfeed that Robbins made unwanted sexual advances towards them or appeared naked in front of them. Eight of the women in these abusive allegedly Tony Robbins relationships said they were upset by his actions.

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