Take a nostalgia trip with the GameBud and 400 games — just $34.99

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The GameBud has 400 games preloaded. It’s pocket-sized, and better than half price right now.

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GameBud Portable Gaming Console

We all miss our Gameboys. You can’t return to those heady days of youth, but you can replicate the gaming experience with the GameBud. This nostalgia-inducing device is better than half price for the next few days.

In many ways, the GameBud is better than your Gameboy. For a start, it’s preloaded with 400 games in the classic eight-bit style. It saves on your phone battery and has some lovely fat buttons to hammer on.

It’s also much smaller than its ’90s predecessor. The Gameboy was actually a bit of a brick, while the GameBud is little bigger than your palm. That means it’ll fit into almost any pocket, and three hours of battery life makes it perfect for the commute.

The GameBud at a glance:

  • Play 400 classic video games on the go.
  • Game for up to three hours on a single charge.
  • Easily stow inside your bag when you’re out and about.
  • Play games on your own TV via the TV-out port and included AV cable.

The five-star-rated GameBud usually retails for $75, but for the next few days, you can pick one up for just $34.99.

The clock is ticking on the deal, so if you want to revive your youth then head on over to Tech Deals via the link below.

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