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Welcome to day three of our CES 2019 liveblog. Wednesday is the mid-point of the big show. The expo halls have been open for a full day, and most attendees are heading back for seconds. We saw a great number of wacky gadgets yesterday and Monday—some of them innovative, some of them ridiculous. Expect more of the same today. Scroll down to see reports from Wednesday at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the newest updates appearing at the top.

Vision Quest

Oculus revealed its standalone Quest headset back in September, and I finally got the chance to strap it on and play it here at CES. For $400, this set can do almost everything a full-fledged Oculus Rift can do without relying a tether to a powerful PC. It comes with two gaming-ready motion controllers and has six-axis motion detection in the headset, so you can dip, duck, dive, and dodge your way through any game. Playing Superhot on it was especially fun. The game is basically a simulator from The Matrix where you dodge bullets and punches in slow motion. After a while, I forgot I was wearing a standalone headset at all. If VR is going to crack into the mainstream and really become a regular activity for most gamers, the Oculus Quest appears to be a great step in the right direction (so far). You’ll be able to buy it sometime this year.—Jeffrey Van Camp

Pain Mitigator

Drug-free pain management products and methods are definitely a thing now. Devices like the NeuroMetrix Quell and the Oska Pulse use different types of electrical impulses to stimulate healing or trigger natural pain relief responses. The Oska Pulse (shown here; it’s the black object in the middle) can reduce inflammation in a radius of up to 22 inches, which is pretty considerable. It’s small enough to wear in a back pocket while walking around a show floor all day, just as one entirely hypothetical example.—Adrienne So

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