What Earth would be like if it were actually flat

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Flat Earthers call their ideas a “model,” because that does make it sound all valid and science-y. What it really is, though, is a fine, shining example of whackjobedness. The basic idea boils down to this: The Earth is flat, and all evidence to the contrary is either fake or just grossly misinterpreted.

So how exactly does a flat Earth function? Well, first of all, other planets are planets but the Earth isn’t a planet, and it sits at the center of the solar system, and all the actual planets circle around it for reasons that really aren’t very clear. The North Pole is in the middle of the disk (like if you viewed a globe from the top and then flattened it), and there’s a wall of ice all the way around the outside. (This is maybe Antarctica, just really stretched out?) The Sun doesn’t rise and set, it more shines down like a spotlight and points at different parts of the Earth through the day. Oh and what we perceive to be sunrise and sunset is really just a “perspective effect,” whatever that means.

So what about all the visual proof, like photos and the testimony of people who have seen the Earth from space? Fake, fake, fake. NASA made the whole Moon landing up to stick it to the Russians and expert photoshoppers are responsible for all those fake images. And of course there’s more, much more, but we’ll just let you read on. Are you buckled in?


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