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‘There’s a Russian asset in the White House.’ — This journalist isn’t holding any punches in his new book that connects the many dots between Trump, Putin, and Russia’s complex history of influencing U.S. politics.
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Craig Unger: “One doesn’t like to say it but there is a Russian asset in the White House. The Russians were able to install their man in the White House without firing a single shot”

Versha: ‘That man, who certainly isn’t pulling any punches, is journalist and author Craig Unger. He’s worked for Vanity Fair and Esquire but most recently he’s written a book called ‘House of Trump House of Putin’ where he outlines President Trump’s direct connection with the Russian mafia dating back more than 30 years.

Recently I got the chance to sit down with Craig to discuss the book, ‘House of Trump House of Putin: The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia,’ where he lays out Trump’s connection to Russian organized crime via money laundering rackets, the origins of the strategy Russia used to attack the US, and what the ordinary citizen (like you and me) can do to fight back! ‘

Unger: ‘In 1984 Donald Trump met with a man named David Bogatin who was tied to the Russian mafia and Bogatin and came in with six million dollars, that’s equivalent of about 15 million today, and said, “I’ll five condos”. That according to the state attorney general’s office of New York was laundering money. It was a transaction that was all cash and bought through anonymous shell companies. That kind of transaction happened again and again. And if it had only happened two or three times I think you could make a strong case that we don’t know what’s going through his mind.’

‘But there has been investigations that found at least 13 hundred similar transactions, all cash transactions, in which anonymous shell companies are buying Trump real estate. That is probably billions of dollars. And you know the legal concept known as willful ignorance or deliberate ignorance and I think a good case can be made that there’s a real pattern here and that Trump was pretty much aware of going on on some level because it was so highly profitable.’

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