This aunt is speaking out against bullying after losing her 9-year-old niece to suicide.
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Eddwina Harris: ‘And I’m gonna be that voice for the voiceless. I’m gonna be that voice to help continue to bring this out because until it’s out and we talk about it there’s no healing that’s going to be able to take place. I hate to my heart that my niece had to be this sacrifice. I hate that. That is heartbreaking.’

9-year-old McKenzie Nicole Adams was found dead in her home on Dec 3. According to her family, the fourth grader had been bullied at school

‘She was a very happy and loving little girl. She’s very smart and wanted to be a scientist. She always had great grades. She was the life of the party, you can guarantee when the kids came in she was always laughing or having fun.’

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among youth aged 5-14. The rate of suicides among 10-14-year-olds has grown more than 50% over the past 30 years. While suicide among elementary-aged kids remains rare, there has been an alarming increase over the past decade.Deaths more than doubled from 2008-2016.

Dr. John Ackerman works for the Center of Suicide Prevention & Research at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He said he has observed the increase in the rate of youth suicides first-hand

Dr. Ackerman, Suicide Prevention Coordinator: ‘We’re seeing real increases in depression, anxiety, emergency rooms are seeing twice as many kids for self-harm and suicidal behaviors than they did just ten years ago so this is a real thing. We don’t really have a good handle on the why. We know what to do a lot better than we ever did before but the why is still, needs a lot of research.’

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