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Sen. Sherrod Brown just called out the Trump administration for abandoning workers affected by the GM layoffs.
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Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH): ‘The same week that General Motors announced the stopping of production where only 5,000 workers at the [General Motors] plant in Lordstown, Ohio, North East, Ohio would lose their jobs, Wall Street celebrated. The stock price for General Motors went up. That’s the problem with our economy. There is no interest from the federal government, from the Trump administration.

When you love your country you fight for the people who make it work. That’s all workers whether you punch a clock, whether you work for tips, whether you’re on salary, whether you swipe a badge, whether you’re taking care of an aging parent or raising children, the dignity of work says to me if you work hard in this country, you ought to be able to get ahead. Instead, we have this phony populism coming out of the White House … the White House looks like a retreat for Wall Street executives.

About a year ago I was at the White House and I suggested to the president and then followed up and handed him the bill, the Patriot Corporation Act. It’s really simple — if you’re a company in the United States and you pay good wages, you provide benefits, and you make your product in the United States, you get a lower tax rate. I handed that bill to the president and he said he liked it. Unfortunately, the tax bill ended up in the majority leader’s office, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office, and was written by corporate lobbyists who went in the exact opposite direction.

If a plant closes down in Youngstown, Ohio and moves to Mexico, in essence, it gets a 50% off coupon on its taxes. It pays half the tax rate if it moves overseas. I spoke to the president … I asked him to cancel that tax break that was in his tax law and take the money from that tax break that companies get that move overseas and invest that money, put that money in the pockets of Americans who are buying cars. When they buy cars in the United States, they ought to get a break on those cars. Don’t put the incentives on General Motors to move offshore. Put the incentives on American car buyers to buy American. That will make a huge difference.

I asked the president to pass the American Cars, American Jobs act. That’s pretty simple too. It simply says we’re going to end this tax break that companies get that move overseas, they get 50% savings on their taxes if they move overseas. And instead, it’s going to redirect those dollars into the pockets of car buyers and the pockets of middle class Americans, the pockets of working Americans when they buy cars made in the United States. The Patriot Corporation Act plus the American Cars American Jobs act is going to help us strengthen the middle class, it’s going to help people aspire to join the middle class. It’s about American workers, not about American companies that send jobs overseas.’

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