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Bill Nye is just as frustrated as you are with Donald Trump’s climate change denial — but he’s confident the next generation of progressives will bring about action.
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Bill Nye: ‘With as much respect as I can muster, the president doesn’t seem to want to keep a thought in his head for very long.

Sooner or later, the floods, the hurricanes, the fires, everybody’s fed up with it.

And if you’re a farmer in the heartland, you’re noticing that parasites and pests are showing up sooner in the growing season and sticking around longer, and that costs you money.

So everybody’s gonna realize that these predictions that climate scientists have been making for decades are coming true right now, so let’s address this.

[Climate scientist] James Hansen testified in front of U.S. Congress on June 30, 1988 about climate change.

About a year later, the U.S. had 13 agencies get together in the climate, what’s it called, U.S. [Global Change Research Program]. 13 agencies—all addressing climate change during conservative, Republican administrations, this thing was created.

So, if we just decide to address climate change, we can. Let’s go! This will be a national pride! This could be cool! C’mon! It’s exciting! But the fossil fuel industry has been very successful in introducing doubt that scientific uncertainty, plus or minus 1.5%, is the same as plus or minus 100%, is just wrong, and everybody, I think now, as much as trouble, and hardship, and death, and economic misery that the floods, the fires, and the hurricanes have caused, there may be an opportunity for people to realize all these predictions from climate scientists are coming true.’

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