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This Miami art installation by Misael Soto is challenging people to face the realities of climate change, before their city ends up underwater.
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Miami Beach is using art to help fight climate change.

Misael: At the end of the day, Miami wants to be here, and capitalism’s gonna push for it to stay here. So my job is to hopefully understand, in the broadest sense, what the possibilities are, and try to get people to see those possibilities.

The Art Center of South Florida teamed up with the city of Miami Beach to create a year-long art residency.

Elizabeth: This is the first time where we’ve actually had an artist come in and work with city staff, really connect into the community over the course of this next year, to bring art and the challenges of climate change to life.

Miami’s sea level could rise 1-3 feet by 2060 (Southeast Florida Regional Climate). More than 10% of Miami-Dade County is within 1 foot of sea level, about 20% is within 2 feet of sea level, and 25% is within 3 feet of sea level.

Misael: They have asked me to give my take, to be present at meetings, to get to know people at City Hall, to learn what’s happening at different stages of development, and sea-level rise, and flood relief mitigation efforts.

A couple of years ago, I kind of landed on this idea of re-appropriating ubiquitous objects, so things that are expected in a space, and then kind of glitching them – doing something to affect how people see those objects in that moment and after that.

I eventually landed on sand – sand being the main thing that created Miami Beach. Miami Beach, most of it, is all on land that shouldn’t have been here. It’s not – it’s not real.

Miami Beach is man-made. Thus, the city must replenish its sand periodically in a process called beach renourishment

Miseal: What I’ve proposed then is to repurpose sand that will be used by the city for beach renourishment – repurpose it and use it to fill sandbags, and with those sandbags I will be building, day by day over the course of approximately two months, a theater which initially will seem like a large, curved wall, and eventually will build out a theater, and that theater will then be used for public programming that will hopefully get a lot of various stakeholders, and knowledgeable folk, all the way up to residents, and passersby, and tourists to see this issue and kind of be in the same space.

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