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With the increase in number of population, vehicle on the road has also increased by huge numbers. Let it be New York or Mumbai, the traffic has reached at a boiling point. People have slowly started to understand that even for going to a small distance they take more time. With Bikes, people can go short distance quickly and also save money and fuel.

With the increase in popularity of the bike, a new opportunity has come across people. Developing a Bike Sharing App, this allows you to rent a bike at low and affordable rates, for short distances. People have also started to look towards their fitness much more, and riding a bike is one of the best exercises.

Potential Customer who might rent your bike

1. Children to go to school, for playing etc

2. Restaurants delivery boys for short distance

3. Employees for going to the office

4. Athletes for fitness

You can notice that bikes can be used by people of all ages for the different purpose so there is potentially huge audience for your Bike Share Application. To satisfy these pupils you need to have certain features keeping in mind all the types of your users. You would need features as follows.

1. Easy and smooth registration process linked with the various popular social media platforms.

2. Easy to book and customize or edit bookings.

3. Map view accessibility.

4. Bike plans for every need.

5. Multiple payment options.

6. Pricing calculator in respect of time and distance.

7. Customer support services.

8. Partnered bike repair shop locations.

These are some of the key features to make your application rich in features and increase your users. Mind it your competitor can have the same cycles as you but by developing a customer-friendly application you can go one step ahead of him.

How to Rent the Bikes on the Application?

With all the features discussed above renting a bike is very easy. You just have to register to the page, go through various plans available and choose the one which suits you. Then you need to just order and pay through various payment options. Go to nearby bike station pick your bike and ride. You can also avail home delivery.

How much does it cost to make a Bike Share Application?

To develop a Bike sharing application it would cost you $10,000+. However, the cost increases with an increase in features and considering various other factors as follows.

  1. App Design

Design of the application includes a systematic plan for integrating features, Imagery, App Icon, etc. Design is not only how it looks but also how your application will function. More the complex functionality greater the price of development.

2. Application Features

We have already studied various features to include in your application. Now off course all this features will come at some cost. As you go on adding the features the development cost also keeps on rising. Some of the exclusive features like push notification, Chat/messaging, payment integration etc. Can boost up your app users. But adding such features will cost you a bit higher.

3. Application Platform

Once you have decided to develop an application the main challenging task is to decide upon which platform should be your go to. You can develop your application on iOS, Android or on Windows. Depending upon which platform you choose your prices of development will differ. To make your task easy I would advise you to develop your application for iOS and Android both considering their features and popularity.

4. Integrated Payment Options

To enable people to buy a bike subscription within an app, you would need to integrate various options like Debit card, Credit card, Net Banking, Paytm etc. To add this payment mode there is certain amount of cost involved, so as you add more and more option the development cost of the application also goes high.

5. Quality

To get a quality application you would need to pay for it. And in my opinion, one should always go for quality over price. To develop a top class application you would need some good quality to stand out in the market. Even though application with rich features but poor quality have failed miserably. Therefore I would advice one should never compromise with the quality of the application.

These are some of the factors which contribute to the cost of development of an application. Well if you hire an agency they would have different cost planes for you some might cost you bit higher than other my advice is to choose the developer who can give you a quality application with rich features at the fair price.


There is high demand quick transport for shorter distances has widened the opportunity for the bike apps. Resulting in an increase of bike application though not so high, which leaves a great opportunity for you to develop a feature-rich and user-friendly app keeping in mind all the potential user you can rule the market easily.

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