Sketchy things professional tennis wants you to forget

These days, drug-taking in sports is a huge deal. The World Anti-Doping Agency was founded in 1999, and since then has made keeping sports clean almost a religion. But before that, it was easier to get away with taking a banned substance. Exhibit A: Andre Agassi.

According to ESPN, in 1997, during a dip in his career, Agassi failed a drug test. He wrote a letter to the Association of Tennis Professionals saying he was very sorry, but it hadn’t been his fault. He had an assistant that was into crystal meth, and Agassi had accidentally drunk from one of his spiked sodas before he was tested! He asked them to pretty please forgive him, and amazingly, they did. The ATP took Agassi at his word, the positive test was thrown out, and he suffered no consequences.

So it was probably seriously annoying for the ATP to read in Agassi’s 2009 autobiography that the whole letter had been a lie. Well, the bit about a meth-using assistant was true — he got Agassi into it. The first time Agassi snorted meth he said he immediately regretted it, but that was quickly replaced by a “tidal wave of euphoria” and a desperate desire to clean his house.

Agassi also said he’d “never felt such energy,” which might explain why the year he first used he went from No. 141 in the rankings to the top 10, the biggest one-year jump in tennis history. Still, don’t do drugs, kids.

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