This lesbian’s advice to her younger self just won the internet

lesbian-wedding-picShe was afraid to come out to her friend in high school, but she soon learned she didn’t need to fear.

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A couple of photos posted by a lesbian on Twitter have gone viral for all the right reasons.

Grace Baldridge, got married a couple weeks ago. She and her new wife were honeymooning in Hawaii when she tweeted a couple photos: one of her with her bridesmaids, the other of her with the same women a decade ago at her high school prom.

The tweet said: “Dear Grace-At-Prom, I know you’re afraid to come out to your friends right now. But don’t worry. They’re gonna be your bridesmaids one day.”

Twitter loved it.

The 27-year-old told Buzzfeed that she didn’t expect the tweet to get the 44,000 likes it has gotten so far. But she’s enjoyed the love she got in response.

“I was off my phone for most of the honeymoon, so checking in to see so many retweets was surprising,” she said. “I loved seeing the responses from other people with similar stories of friendship.”

Baldridge said that she’s really close to the women in the photos, and that they had no problem accepting her when she came out.

“However, their acceptance was never a process, it was immediate,” she said. “Even when I couldn’t express what was going on, they were always patient and supportive.”

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