Reported Burglar Turns Out To Be ‘Rogue Squirrel’

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The furry intruder didn’t take anything, but it did cause “a bit of a mess.”

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Squirrels can do no wrong.

A woman in Harrow, London, thought she heard something suspicious in her home Thursday morning, but it was nut what she thought.

The loud noises prompted the woman to phone the police and report a suspected burglary. When officers responded, they found only a “rogue squirrel,” according to a tweet from the Harrow Borough Police.

“The female caller was very distressed and called 999 as she heard noises downstairs and believed she was being burgled,” a police spokesman told Get West London (“999” is the United Kingdom’s version of 911). “Officers attended on blue lights and established the only suspect was a squirrel who had knocked some items over and caused a bit of a mess.”

The spokesman added that the furry perp was “released with no charges.”

The most famous squirrel involved in a burglary was actually on the right side of the law ― Joey, a pet squirrel in Idaho who valiantly defended his home by scratching the human burglar.

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