A bloke who has been taking pills at a local house party has reportedly been left confused and bewildered after forgetting what he was saying.

Reports suggest that the man was probably “talking pure shite” but now believes that he was speaking about something really important and is racking his brain in an attempt to remember.

“Who the fuck is that melter in the sitting room?” asked one partygoer. “He’s doing everyone’s head in asking them if they know what he was talking about, it was probably shite anyway and literally no one gives a fuck except him.”

“He’s actually stopping people mid-conversation and asking them if they know what he was talking about,” continued the peeved partier. “Then, by the time they’ve answered him, they’ve forgotten what they were talking about too, no one has a clue what anyone’s talking about in there, it’s like tea time on an Alzheimer’s ward.”

Wunderground also spoke to the bloke who forgotten what he was saying, “Do you know what I was talking about just now?” he asked. “I can’t remember at all, I was just chatting away, I stopped to take a sip of my beer and as soon as I went to start talking again, it just disappeared out of my head,”

“I’ve narrowed it down to three things, Theresa May’s Brexit strategy, if there was lesbians in The Bible and do insects have dreams, but really, it could have been fucking anything and no one in there seems to care.”

“I guess I’ll just have to start talking about something else but I’m not sure if anyone here will even speak to me now, given my poor track record of holding a conversation, and, if I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t have much confidence in myself now either,” he admitted. “Sorry, what was I just saying?”

According to experts, two out of every three conversations held at house parties after 6 a.m. are forgotten within thirty minutes of happening.